What Are The Common Side Effects Of Hair Removal?

Hair removal, sometimes referred to as depilation or epilation, is the intentional removal of unwanted body hair by means of scissors or wax. This type of hair removal is very popular in both men and women, however not everyone is a good candidate for this procedure as there are some serious side effects that may result from the procedure.

Hair removal is usually done with waxing in men. Waxing is done by applying wax on the skin where it is needed and then scraping it off in a pattern. There are several reasons that people prefer waxing, including that it leaves behind a smoother and more seamless surface to wear clothing.

Some people find waxing to be painful. The reason for this is that there is a very hot and painful process involved. After waxing, most people must wait approximately an hour before they can wear clothing again. It is very important to use a cotton pillow case to keep the wax off of the body during the recovery period. Many people report experiencing some degree of soreness after waxing.

Hair removal creams can be used to help prevent the recurrence of this procedure. However, many people do not consider using these creams to be effective as there are certain chemicals in the cream that may cause irritation. Many of the creams contain alcohol which has been proven to irritate the skin, but there are creams on the market that do not have alcohol included.

Laser hair removal can be quite effective and is the process that is recommended by most dermatologists for people that have unwanted hair that will not be removed by waxing or electrolysis. The light energy that is used to remove hair can be used to treat most types of acne as well as stretch marks and scars.

Hair removal creams can sometimes have side effects when they are applied to the skin. The most common problem is dryness. When creams are applied directly to the skin, they can result in an allergic reaction, leaving the skin extremely dry. While this will leave some patients with permanent dry skin, it can be treated and most patients can wear normal clothing after the treatment is completed. It is important to make sure to use a moisturizer after the treatment is finished as well as it is necessary to restore the skin to its natural condition.

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